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We're Talking Jags

Sep 20, 2019

Big Week in Jags. We are hot off a Texan loss about to head in to hopefully a Titan win. Your Jag Talkers gather to break down

  • Gardner Minshew's weird ass way of making it work
  • Leonard Fournette and his 'efficiency'
  • Is Doug Marrone spineless?
  • Is Jalen worth the trouble?
  • Why this next game is everything. 

All this and...

Sep 12, 2019

 Hope, despair, grievance and loss. These feelings come all too natural for the dedicated Jags fan. 

  • Nick Foles gets a broken collarbone!
  • Myles Jack gets thrown out
  • Our status as a top 5 defense is being questioned
  • Chark participates in a work of modern art
  • Ramsey fails to convey leadership
  • Marrone fails to have a...

Aug 29, 2019



Nick Foles has put on a jersey and thrown his first teal spiral. How could the Jag Talkers do anything but flip their collective shit and start making wild speculations about the rest of the season?

This week we discuss

  • Josh Allen and Jawaan Taylor's performances in...

Aug 14, 2019

We got blown out. Crippled, broken and battered we limp back to the locker room. The bright side is it is PRE-SEASON so who gives a ham sandwich? Out of an unsettling shutout the Jags gather to lay out whats been up with the going downs of your favorite local ball catchers. 

  • Our 3rd line went 0-29 to the Ravens...

Jul 18, 2019

The rumblings and chatter that are stirring is that we are thinking about an 18 game season. Thankfully the Jag Talkers, Myles Josh and Chan, explain to hapless idiot Nick that this whole scheme has nothing to do with football at all.

  • 18 game seasons
  • the All-25 Count
  • Vets to bring out of retirement
  • Top coaches